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YouTuber Videos Testimonial

Turn Off the Lights is not just a lamp, but the focal point of the whole experience. To keep everything what is annoying outside the video player transparent black. Where you as viewer can watch the video just like you are in the front row at the cinema. Here are few YouTubers who love the Turn Off the Lights browser extension for his simplicity and user-friendly design. To see critical video review of a YouTuber, click on one of the below faces. Over more then 2 millions users use this extension, you can download and use it free of charge. Try it today!

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Grayson Miller

Grayson Miller from the YouTube channel fmobarbie


Samantha Harvey

Samantha Harvey from the YouTube channel xLittleMissSamanthax


Jacob & Ephrain

Jacob & Ephrain from the YouTube channel 4LIFESTAYLOUD

Emily Charlotte

Emily Charlotte

Emily Charlotte


Katie Tracy

Katie Tracy from the YouTube channel AlohaKatieX


Lexy Rose

Lexy Rose from the YouTube channel lexyheartsbeauty


Aleia Jacobs

Aleia Jacobs from the YouTube channel xVintageDreamx


Fabiola Echeverría

Fabiola Echeverría from the YouTube channel fabscreations


Ana María Moreno

Ana María Morenoa from the YouTube channel El rinconcito de Ana


Shauna Cardwell

Shauna Cardwell from the YouTube channel Shauna646

Roxie Strawberry

Thayna Linhares

Thayna Linhares from the YouTube channel Roxie Strawberry


Vanessa Ford

Vanessa Ford from the YouTube channel VanFordBeauty
There are tons of features inside the Turn Off the Lights browser extension but this are the features that our YouTubers are talking in his personal video review:

Night Mode - This convert the website from day to a night theme. No bright colors, only a black background and a white font color. That all with a single click or tap on the switch below the page.

Atmosphere Lighting: Vivid Mode - The beauty of the vide content go out of the player. You will see a glow around the video player that matches with the content of the video.

YouTube Auto HD - The extension set automatically the highest YouTube video quality from 720p, 1080p to 4K. If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, this feature works for all web browsers.

HTML5 Video Detection - The detect all the video players on the website, and dark everything around it. To keep you concentrate at the video content and not on the disturbing text, comments or ads around the YouTube website.